Girl Friday Creative

Identity // Collateral // Infographic

Girl Friday Creative is a Minneapolis design studio focusing on site-specific and one-of-a-kind installations and dècor. The company needed a new logo and collateral that better represent the unique services offered.


Girl Friday had operated for years without a distinct identity and wanted to recreate the way the events industry saw their services. The company name is taken from the idiom "girl friday", a term describing someone's faithful right-hand woman. Girl Friday has tailored their services around helping event planners and businesses design spaces and events to offer a more memorable, meaningful experience. As a niche company, the challenge was to create an identity that aligned with their purpose while providing a consistent message to potential clients. 


The name Girl Friday brings to mind times past as language and idioms change. This, combined with the bespoke nature of Girl Friday's work, brought forth the idea of channeling the art of sign-painting as a concept for a new identity. Creating something eye-catching and original became the main focus for a logo and collateral system that included a logo, watermark, business card, thank you note, and an infographic describing their services and client flow. To further hit home the made-to-measure quality of Girl Friday, the stationery suite was letterpress printed locally.

Collateral printed and co-designed at Spark Letterpress in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The following infographic was printed on 5' tall foam core and used in trade shows and meetings to help potential clients understand what kind of services Girl Friday offers as well as what the journey of working together might look like.